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Hello, From Your New Favorite Nail Tech!

Hello! I’m Eirene Mavromichalis, the founder of Koukla Mou Nails where I believe everyone can have their dream nails without compromise of quality or an authentic service experience.

For the past 3 years, I have been carving my own path as a detail-oriented, education-forward nail tech in San Diego, Ca. My journey to becoming a small business owner has not always been easy, but every goal I accomplished and the struggle to break free from unethical industry practices under the non-standard salon business model led me to where I am today. It has all led me to be the best nail tech I can be, serving my clients with care.

Yes, I am passionate about delivering high-quality nail services to my clients, providing them the opportunity to bring their creative ideas to life through my nail designs. But I am also committed to educating my clients and the industry on best practices and tangible takeaways.

Before owning my own business, I saw that clients often walk away from their nail appointments not knowing how to properly care for their nails in between appointments. Some clients can be disengaged from the entire process and don’t know what to look out for in terms of sanitization practices or proper application. This wasn’t acceptable to me.

My Nail Services Are:

Well Executed- There are no skipping steps here. I take the time to prep the nail fully bringing lasting results (sometimes up to a month of wear!). I love delivering nail designs that range from modern and bold, to delicate, feminine, and dreamy.

Authentic and Fun- I LOVE getting to know my clients; spending that much time with your nail tech should be a highlight! One of my favorite parts of owning my business is being able to fully be myself with clients and allowing them the same opportunity.

Education Forward- I uphold the highest standards in application and sanitation. I want my clients to walk away fully understanding the process, the products I choose with care, and how to best preserve their nails. It is imperative that all of my clients can rest easy knowing they are taken care of and all sanitization measures are taken seriously.

All of this to say- I don’t just ‘do nails’.

I am here as a nail education resource.

I am here to bring you joy through nail art.

I am here to raise the standard in the nail industry.

I am here to listen and have fun with you each session.

I am here to make your dream nails come true!

Be on the lookout for consistent blog posts here covering nail maintenance, nail design highlights, and more insight into my business.

I’d love to stay connected with you through my daily posts on IG and weekly posts: @kouklamounails

With Love,

Eirene, your new favorite nail tech

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