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How To Heal Hangnails

Hangnails? You're not alone! Read on to find out what to do when you have a hangnail.

Before diving into how to treat these pesky buggers, let's get clear on what hangnails are.

Hangnails are a piece of torn skin on the side of the nail. They are usually caused by dryness, picking the skin around the base of the nail, or skin abrasions (bumping or scraping your fingers).

Hangnails can be very painful and prevent you from using your hands freely! You can get your nails healthy and comfortable in no time if you treat them properly.

How To Heal A Hangnail

1) If possible, use cuticle nippers to nip the dead tissue that is dangling

2) Only cut dead tissue that is devoid of color

3) Cleanse the area with soap and water

4) If bleeding, cleanse the area then apply an antibacterial ointment to keep the bacteria out and help the wound heal

5) Lastly, apply a dot of cuticle oil to the affected area (and all of your nails while you're at it!)

6) Continue to keep the area clean and hydrated with high-quality cuticle oil!

I hope you found this hangnail tip helpful and I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below! Be sure to follow me on social media @kouklamounails for daily nail inspiration and join my email list for more tips and updates!

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