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The Great Nail Debate- Nail Shapes

So, you're curious about which nail shapes are the strongest! Today, the debate ends and I'm excited to let you in on insider information about the strongest nail shapes.

First, I would love to know what your favorite nail shape is in the comments below!

Which nail shape do you prefer?







Next, which free edge shape do you think is stronger?

Round edges OR square edges

The correct answer is....shapes with round edges! The more 90° angles you have the more likely you’ll have breakage or chipping at those corners.

For those who experience a lot of corners breaking, consider switching to a rounder shape (I.e. round, oval, almond, or stiletto).

You’ll see that your nails are much stronger and your manicure will last you longer!

I hope you found this short and sweet tip helpful! Be sure to stay in touch with my daily nail inspiration on Instagram @KouklaMouNails and be sure to come right back here next Monday for my weekly Maintenance Monday blog post!

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