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The Power Of Cuticle Oil

If there is any tip that I would recommend out of all the nail tips out there, it would be...


You- yes YOU- should be using your cuticle oil, at the bare minimum, twice a day: Once in the morning and once at night. Read on to find out why.

This is a general rule for those who have relatively good levels of natural sebum (the oil our skin produces) and for those who do not use their hands a lot to do tasks.

For the rest of us- those with very dry skin, extremely thin, flexible nails, those with dry brittle nails, and those who use our hands and nails as tools way more than we should- need to use cuticle oil multiple times a day.

This means using cuticle oil in the morning, before and after washing hands, doing dishes, cleaning, at night before we go to sleep, repeatedly all day long.

The nail plate is like a sponge. When water touches it, the nail plate absorbs the water and expands. As the water evaporates out of the nail plate, it contracts.

This constant expansion and contraction can lead to nails breaking, or more commonly, enhancements like gel polish or acrylic, to chip or lift at the free edge.

The nail plate will absorb cuticle oil while it is dry. If you use your oil before touching the water, the oil inhibits the nail from absorbing the water, therefore limiting this constant expansion and contraction.

For those who tend to have lifting at the free edge under their enhancements, this tip will be crucial for you!

Daily Cuticle Oil Routine

1) Apply cuticle oil like you normally would on the skin around the nail plate and massage it in.

2) Now add a drop of cuticle oil UNDER the free edge and massage it into the underside of the nail and skin at the fingertips.

3) Both the skin and nail plate benefit from the nourishing ingredients in the oil. So make sure to rub it in all over, on top of, and underneath the nails.

Keep up with this maintenance and you’ll see a great improvement in the health of your nails and skin in the long run.

Be sure to stay in touch with my daily nail inspiration on Instagram @KouklaMouNails and be sure to come right back here next Monday for my weekly Maintenance Monday blog post!

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