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Tips For Strong, Healthy Nails

Are weak nails getting you down? You're not alone, and there are a number of factors that may be causing breakage or weaken your nails.

Read on to assess what may be holding you back from having strong, healthy nails.

How To Have Strong Healthy Nails

⁃Eat a well balanced, nutritious diet and stay well hydrated. Illnesses, disease, certain medications and treatments, and other health factors affect our nail health. So making sure you meet your nutrient needs daily will help nurse your nails back to health. This does not mean take a multivitamin or a hair/skin/nails vitamin. Those may or may not work because everyone’s level of health is different. Speak to your Dr. about what nutrients you need daily and what vitamins, etc. are right for you.

⁃Seek medical treatment for underlying issues you have been avoiding. Ex: Your nail plate has been separated from the nail bed for months, and you know that’s not normal, but have yet to see a doctor and really want your nail to look and feel normal again. Now is the time to schedule that doctor’s appointment and get the treatment you need and deserve.

⁃Don’t rip, bite, pull off your gel polish or other enhancements.

⁃Don’t use your nails as tools or utensils.

⁃Find a nail technician who does proper safe PREP of the natural nails before product application.

⁃Find a nail technician who does proper and SAFE REMOVAL of gel polish or other enhancements.

⁃Remember that your bare, natural nail is much thinner and more flexible than any enhancement you put on top of it. Treat your natural nails with extreme care. They cannot handle the same type of things your artificial nails can handle, and you shouldn’t expect them to. Artificial enhancements were created to do what the natural nail couldn’t.

⁃Use your cuticle oil religiously. Apply it multiple times a day and massage onto the skin around and under the nail plate, under the free edge, and buff it into the natural nail.

Which tip did you find most helpful? Comment below!

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