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Tips For Treating Foot & Nail Fungus

Fungus happens, and it can be embarrassing, but it’s not the end of the world!

Actively treating fungal infections topically is very successful if maintenance is kept up.

5 tips for treating foot/nail fungus

  1. Keep your feet dry as much as possible. Dry between your toes thoroughly (after showers, taking off socks, and any other activities where your feet get wet.

  2. Change your socks often throughout the day to prevent moisture build-up.

  3. Treat your shoes to keep moisture at bay with powder products.

  4. Wear breathable shoes as much as possible or go barefoot.

  5. Use your antifungal treatment as directed.

Seek medical treatment if all else fails and know that you're not alone and proper treatment can result in elimination or alleviation of foot fungus.

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