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A Deep Dive: Dry Services

I would like to introduce a new series of blog posts called A Deep Dive: Nail Services, where we dig a little deeper into the specifics of what nail services I offer and how they are unique to Koukla Mou Nails.

To begin, what services do I specialize in?

I offer strengthening gel manicures, acrylic, and hard gel enhancements, as well as a dry gel pedicure. And of course, all the nail art!

What does each of these services mean?

In the next few blog posts, I will be breaking down what each service is and why I choose to offer these specific services.

To begin I would like to talk about dry services. There are many names for dry services, such as Russian manicure, eco manicure, dry manicure, e-file mani, etc. They are all the same thing. I find the term “dry” covers a wide enough scope to describe these services.

The dry service I provide is the basis of EVERY SINGLE service I offer. Yes, it is also the basis for my pedicures as well! It is the foundation as to why my nails last as long as they do, why I have minimal adhesion issues, and why the overall appearance of my client’s nails and fingers look as clean as they do at the end of their appointment.

I use the same foundation tools and implements for every service. The number one most important item on my tools list is my electric nail file. Taking the time to be properly trained on how to safely and effectively use an electric file is one of the top reasons why I have been able to substantially grow my skills as a nail tech and provide top-notch service to my clients.

An electric file, when used properly, cuts down on time, minimizes wear on your hands, wrists, arms, and shoulders, and gives you the ability to prep the nail surface so precisely in a way that hand prepping could never dream of doing. Most of my work would not be achievable without the use of an electric file.

The rest of my foundation tools that I use for every service include a cuticle pusher, nail brush, cuticle nippers, a cuticle prep bit, and a nail file, usually 100/180 grit. I add additional implements and bits to cater to the individual service I am performing, but those are the backbone of my dry service that I use every single time.

These are the steps I take to perform a dry service on the natural nail:

  1. I begin by pushing back the cuticles and file the free edge.

  2. Then I use my cuticle prep bit and my electric file to safely remove any dead tissue and cuticle that is stuck to the nail plate.

  3. I thoroughly work around the proximal nail fold as well as in the nail grooves. I can also use my cuticle prep bit to gently file away calluses and dry skin on the fingers.

  4. Next, I trim away any lifted dead tissue on the proximal nail fold (commonly called the cuticle) and I brush away dust with my nail brush.

Again, this is just the basis of my dry service. I will use other specialized bits and tools as determined by what services I am doing.

As you can see, the way I do my prep seems very basic, and it is. But without the proper education on how to use an electric nail file, I would have many more steps to the prep portion of my services that would most certainly not be as effective.

In the next blog, I will be talking about my most popular nail service; the Strengthening Gel Manicure.

I hope you found this service deep dive valuable and I look forward to continuing the nail education! If you're looking for nail art inspiration and examples of my work, follow me on Instagram and Facebook: @KouklaMouNails

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