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Nail Salon Etiquette

We all know our time spent in the nail salon is critical to our physical and mental well-being. Sometimes it’s our only source of self-care! Dealing with the stress of our daily lives can lead to some mindlessness when it comes to your nail appointment. So I’ve made a little list of the most popular tips to remind us of some best practices leading up to and during your time in the nail salon.

Be on time.

Not only is being late cutting into your service time, but it has a domino effect on your nail tech’s schedule as well. Arriving ten minutes to your appointment may seem like it’s no big deal, but that means your tech may be ten minutes late to take their lunch and every appointment after you, possibly causing them to work after their shift ends. Respect the nail tech and other clients by showing up to your allotted appointment time.

Eat before your appointment.

You may be at the salon for a couple of hours while your nail tech perfectly prepares your nails for their time to shine. It’s always such a shame when clients ruin all the hard work techs out into cleaning and prepping the surface of the nails for application by dipping their hands into a bag of chips and have to start completely over. Save you and your tech some time by leaving the snacking for another time.

Keep your hands on the table.

This is similar to eating. If your hands are in your bag, on your lap, touching your face, hair, or phone, you’re most likely going to get fuzz, lint, and dirt on your nails. Your nail tech will have to spend double the time and double the product to re-prep your nails. Or you’ll just have to live with fuzz encapsulated in your nail design.

Relax your hand.

And your arm, and your body. Most stiffness isn’t done intentionally but consciously trying to relax your positioning greatly helps your nail tech. They can work faster and more efficiently when they aren’t constantly trying to battle you. It also saves their hands and fingers in the long run, limiting their risk of developing tendinitis, carpal tunnel, and other ailments.

Know what you want before you come in.

Having a decision made before your appointment cuts down on the time you’re in the chair making sure you get exactly what you dreamed of in the timeframe that is booked. Communicate with your tech before your appointment to ensure they can confidently complete the design and nail shape you want to achieve.

Don’t be afraid to speak up.

If you aren’t happy with the work or have a question during your service, please say so. Every tech I know is glad to make any changes as they go and are there to give you the nails you envision. If you don’t tell us when you think something is wrong, we never get the opportunity to correct it. Also, note that changes are easier to make BEFORE more permanent steps in the service, like before curing gel in the lamp. Stop your tech before your lamp hits that light and you’ll be golden.

Come to your appointment clean.

With the past year and a half in mind, cleanliness and limited contamination are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. Whether you’re getting a manicure or pedicure, it is very important to arrive at your appointment clean. Shower and make sure your hands and/or feet are clean before you come to the salon.

Know the policies.

Familiarize yourself with salon policies before you book an appointment. All salons are different and you want to know what is included in their policies before getting hit with surprise fees for not doing your due diligence.

Hopefully now you’ll always be prepared to go into your nail appointment confident that you will leave with nails that slay!

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