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How often should you come in for nail maintenance?

Scheduling nail maintenance depends on a few factors like your personal nail growth, your lifestyle, and the type of nails that you have. (i.e. gel polish, acrylic, hard gel, etc.)

But what is a good baseline to ensure quality nail health and proper nail maintenance?

Generally, ALL nail maintenance should be done every 2 weeks.

This is the perfect amount of time to avoid any lifting, breaking or product breakdown.

I understand that not every person’s schedule or budget allows that. With this in mind, I find that MOST people can go 3 weeks between services.

I DO NOT recommend going over 3 weeks.


As the nail grows, the weight of the product starts to move toward and over the free edge, making it riskier for you and more likely for you to hit your nail on something- potentially causing damage to your enhancement AND the natural nail. This is why you go in for a “fill” every 2-3 weeks because your nail tech is REBALANCING the product that is sitting on the surface of your nail back into its appropriate spot so you don’t cause permanent damage to your nails.

Now this is the general recommendation for hands. Feet can go a little longer. Pedicures can go 4-6 weeks between appointments IF you follow my tips for at-home pedicure maintenance, which you can find HERE. Although I prefer each individual to do at home maintenance regardless of how often you get a pedicure, I know there are some people who just prefer having a nail tech take care of their feet, and that’s it. In that case I recommend every 3-4 weeks for a pedicure if you don’t want to maintain them yourself.

Again, everyone's nail needs vary slightly, but you can use this information as a guide to keeping your nails as healthy and happy as possible!

I hope you enjoyed today's blog post and be sure to come back here every week for a deep dive into a nail industry topic aimed to help you!

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